Difference Between ECs and Private Properties

The research study that was done by OrangeTee established that the median price gap between ECs and new condos initially stands at about 20 percent. This is as a result of the sell restrictions that are applied to ECs in addition to constriction costs and the price of land. However, once the ECs successfully pass the MOP and they are privatized, this gap reduces to 9 and 5 percent.

Difference Between Executive Condominiums and Private Properties

What this means that purchasing an EC can be a worthy investment. This study also established the out of the 21 EC properties that were privatized, 13 made losses after the MOP period because they were purchased during the boom phase. However, the remaining 8 made great gains of more than 20 percent.

According to OrangeTee, privatizing an EC project means that it will become profitable. But the amount of profit which owners can make heavily depends on the surrounding supply and locational attributes. This report also alludes to the marketing trends that were highlighted by the Business Times which indicates that most people are purchasing ECs for investment purposes.

Research Between ECs and Private Properties

Orange Tee’s research study also found that when both a private condo and EC are purchased at the same time and held for 10 years, an EC could be the best long-term investment out of the two. Well, this is due to subsidies and their initially much lower prices, unlike private condos which are more costly. Note that EC units can be rented out from the 6th year going onwards and this helps to meet their holding costs. In case an EC is rented out, its price can be at the same range as that of a private condo.

Prices for New Piermont Grand ECs

When Celine Chan, a research analyst from OrangeTee was asked if the findings that promote ECs as suitable long-term investment projects mean that state-subsidized housing which is designed for property buyers from middle-class families is no longer relevant, she said no. Prices of New ECs such as Piermont Grand is also very low compared to Private Properties.

According to Chan, there is a massive price gap between private condominiums and ECs. This means that the ECs are the best alternative option for 1st-time property buyers and HDB upgraders because they are affordable and still have great amenities. Chan continued to state that although there some people may be buying ECs simply for investment purposes, a high number of buyers are purchasing them for personal occupation.

The Antares Mattar Road Location Close to Poiz Centre

Located in the heart of Mattar road, this is a new residential property established by three developing companies. The development sits on a strategic plot near the city area in Singapore. Initially, the plot attracted 10 bidders a clear indication it was on high demand due to its strategic location right to the MRT station.

The Antares Mattar Road Singapore

The new developments The Antares Mattar Road comprise a wide range of exceptional facilities for entertainment purposes. The unique facilities cater for both adults and kids. For instance, there is a well-designed swimming pool, a kids playground, and clubhouse. For those who love to keep fit and healthy, then there is an indoor gym and function room to serve your needs. The condo also comprises of a tennis court where you can play during your free time, a guard house as well as BBQ pits.

The Antares Mattar MRT Station Near to Poiz Centre

The Antares development is right next to many social amenities such as shopping malls, schools, hospitals as well as parks. For those who love to do shopping, the place is packed with many malls such as the Poiz center and city plaza. One can conveniently get fresh groceries inside any of the many malls near the Antares condos.
Nothing is more convenient than a residential property near to educational institutions as well as schools. One of such places is the Antares condo near the MRT station. Kids here won’t have stressed to travel far to access education. An added advantage is that it will save time for both kids and parents to engage in other activities.

The Antares Location at Mattar Road Close to Country Club

School going children will wake up at a convenient time with no hurry to catch a bus. They can thus spend much time on tuition among other activities. Examples of schools near the condo includes the Bartley high school, Maris schools, cedar primary among many others.

Since the residential condo is right next to Bidadari, most residents here will be looking to socialize in a seemly environment. This is what the new development offers with upscale facilities, for instance, country clubs and golf courses. Examples of such clubs include the Civil service club, Singapore club, American club among many others.

The condos show flat will soon be open for viewing. Its expected to feature various layouts such as one bedroom apartments for small families and 3 bedrooms for a private stay.
The bottom line. There is something for everyone inside the Antares condo.

Meyer Mansion Close to Beach and Shopping Mall

The freehold development sits right next to the east coast area of Tanjong. It is an ideal property located a few minutes from the city area of Singapore. Developed by the Guocoland company, the Meyer Mansion sits of a prime plot which is the former Casa Meyfort historic house.

A condo is an ideal place for buyers looking for a freehold residential development near exceptional facilities. The Meyer mansion offers first-class facilities for entertainment needs for your loved ones, friends and family. There is a well-equipped indoor gym for those who would like to keep healthy and fit.

Meyer Mansion Freehold Development Facilities

There is also enough space near to Meyer Mansion Guocoland Condo with a children’s playground and a swimming pool. In addition, the place is equipped with a tennis court, sun deck, clubhouse, guardroom among many other unique facilities.

It’s easy to access the development with its well-developed infrastructure. For individuals who are traveling on private means, you can access it via the MRT station near Katong. If you are using public transit means, then the property is accessed through the Meyer road. There are many shopping malls near the condo proving a unique shopping experience for you. Some of such centers include the leisure park as well as the Guillemard mall.

Meyer Mansion Near to Beach and Shopping Mall

The beach park offers an ideal place for a picnic and recreational activities. The East coast park has been in service since the 1970s and serves communities located near the coastal regions in Singapore. The park sits on 185 hectares with a shoreline extending over 10 km. You can relax and have great times with your family and friends around the park. You can also indulge in various sporting activities inside the park such as skating, cycling, fishing as well as beach volleyball.

In addition to that, the park also offers 100 barbecue pits where you can cook your favorite meal with friends and family. There are a variety of eateries ranging from food centers to big restaurants. For visitors, the Chii Mee Chin is a convenient place to grab a cup of highly brewed coffee. The cafes also offer cupcakes and fresh donuts.

Meyer Mansion location close to educational institutions

Getting a freehold property near many elite schools is the top priority for every homeowner. It saves time for both the parents and school going kids. Examples of such schools include the Katong schools, Dunman school, Kong Hwa high school among many more. A great life awaits you in the peaceful and beautiful Meyer Mansion.

Riviere Facilities Near to Jiak Kim Street Condo

The Riviere Condo will soon rise on the previously known site of the Zouk, which many Singaporeans believe to be the number one club in Singapore. It will be situated right next to the Singapore River with the development address at Jiak Kim Street which is also aligned to the many accessible amenities of Clarke Quay, and just a stone-throw away from the Great World City MRT Station along with the rest of other shopping centers surrounding the Singapore River. Riviere is located at Great World City and the development is located right next to Singapore River. Riviere will consist of the former Zouk Club which will be conserved in Riviere Jiak Kim Street.

Riviere Facilities Located at Jiak Kim Street

The Riviere Condo promises a unique experience with regards to their facilities and amenities. With its awe-inspiring architectural design and state-of-the-art facilities that will surely live up to the great expectations of its future residents. Listed below are some of the facilities and amenities that the Riviere Condo promises to deliver:

• With a total floor area of 551,245 square feet (gross measurement).
• 455 top-of-the-line residential units which will be integrated with its serviced apartments.
• Other amenities included are; Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis court, a clubhouse, an indoor gym, children’s playground, function rooms and many more.

These amenities are thought of with the consideration of family-oriented activities that can be enjoyed by the resident’s family and friends.

Location of Riviere at Former Zouk Club

The strategic location, which was the previous site of Zouk Club for almost 26 years that closed down in 2016, was placed on the list for government land sales. Frasers Property won the bidding for the rights and ownership at $955.4 million of the 13,481.7 square meter land area. The Riviere Condo will be linked to another Frasers Property, a serviced apartment called the Frasers Residence Promenade. Frasers Property decided to convert the Zouk into a warehouse while still conserving its original looks.

Riviere Condo Near to Schools

Among the other benefits that a future resident of the Riviere Condo will have is that it will be near the location of some of the best schools in Singapore with the likes of; La Salle College of the Arts, Gan Eng Seng School, and River Valley Primary School. There are also plenty of shopping centers located near the Clarke Quay with the likes of; Central Clarke Quay, Liang court and Great World City which spells and endless shopping experience for future residents of the Riviere Condo.

The Riviere Condo will be Frasers’ new launch for 2019, keeping in mind of the restoring and conserving three warehouses that will be well integrated together with the development of the Riviere. Inheriting the rich culture and multinational experience of Frasers Property that developed its first property back in 1980 with the building of the landmark shopping center called the Centrepoint, in the heart of the Orchard Road in Singapore. In the 1990s, Frasers Property became a part of the family of Fraser and Neave, Limited which is a multinational company that owns properties in Southeast Asia, Australia, and China. Frasers Property aims to leave its deep footprints in the hospitality industry with the development and launching of its new property, The Riviere Condo.

Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Group Park West Facilities

Parc Clematis is a new development formerly known as Park West Enbloc. It is located in Jalan Lempeng, in the heart of Clementi, Singapore. Parc Clematis’s site area is 633,644 square feet and the gross floor area is 1,330,652 square feet. It has approximately 1,500 units. Parc Clematis was developed by SingHaiYi Group which is a growing real estate firm led by experienced and well-known businessmen as this is most important ever to a number of people.

Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Group Park West Enbloc

1. SingHaiYi Group
Lead by Mr Neil Bush and Mr Gordon Tang, SingHaiYi Group has a wide range of experiences in their portfolio. This includes property development, investments, and management services. They have developed properties not only in Singapore but also in the U.S. With their growing reputation, they are looking to expand their business. They have projects lined up in the U.S and Singapore.

2. Facilities and amenities nearby
Due to its strategic location, Parc Clematis Condo is close to many public amenities. It is close to many transportation infrastructures, supermarkets, schools, shopping malls, and many recreational places, such as Clementi Stadium, The Chevrons, and Pandan Reservoir.

Parc Clematis Facilities

With the hope of providing residents with a luxurious and peaceful atmosphere, the condos at Parc Clematis offer facilities full of family entertainment. The facilities are considered complete and unique. The facilities include:
• A guard house
• Clubhouse
• Function room
• Indoor gym
• Tennis court
• 50-meter swimming pool
• Sundeck
• BBQ pits
• Children’s playground

Parc Clematis Clementi MRT Station

3. Site plan
Clementi Town alone is an attraction. The town is now one of the most popular residential towns in Singapore. The town is a magnet for tenants and investors. An advantage of Parc Clematis is its location in the heart of Clementi. Being close to many amenities makes the condominium even more attractive. Due to its high connectivity, residents of Parc Clematis can get to places without much trouble.

4. Floorplan
Parc Clematis is quite close to many top schools and learning institutions in Clementi. This is ideal for residents with children. Children do not need to travel too far to get to school. This assures enough rest for them.

The condominium also has two gorgeous parks nearby which are Clementi Woods Park and West Coast Park. This is ideal for residents who love to gather and do family activities. There are a lot of activities that can be done at the parks, such as jogging, having chats with friends and families, reading books, or just simply walkingthe dogs.

Bukit Timah Collection Allgreen Properties Near to Sixth Avenue Centre

This is a freehold development that is new and the development is made by Allgreen Properties which is centered at the heart of Bukit Timah. The site got sold to Allgreen Properties by the former Royalville Enbloc. These collections can be seen in Bukit Timah neighborhood was has been the upscale neighborhood for the traditional residential properties. Bukit Timah Collection Allgreen would be a great development once they finish completing and the good thing is the location of the condo development is just about 6 minutes away from the MRT Station on Sixth Avenue. This is a living experience for you that is so unique and its waiting for you.

Bukit Timah Collection Allgreen Properties Site Plan

The site plan of the Bukit Timah Collection Condo features unique and full facilities such as:

• A clubhouse
• A function house
• An indoor gym
• Has a swimming pool of 50m
• Has a guard house
• Has a tennis court
• Has a sun deck
• Has playground for children

The facilities in Bukit Timah Collection Allgreen Properties have what your family needs for full entertainment which you can indulge in. The Bukit Timah Collection freehold condo which is the former Royalville sites is on a good freehold land that is representing an investment which is timely for the Allgreen Properties- they are looking in replenishing the land banks of it. The launches are 99 years development which is on leasehold and this development would generate great opportunities for buyers who are searching for a freehold land that is situated in the Dunearn Road area and in Bukit Timah area.

Sixth Avenue Centre Located Next to Bukit Timah Collection

This area is a mixed development which is located along the Bukit Timah Road. The Six Avenue Centre can be seen right next to the Bukit Timah Collection. The center has a lot of commercial units that are located on its first floor. This center is a good choice for commercial development if you want to get your daily needs when you are at the Bukit Timah Collection condo because the center is just right next to it.

Sixth Avenue Centre is located right next to the Sixth Avenue MRT Station and also the bus stop that is why the center jas a good business and catchment from the people who lives at the Bukit Timah Estate. It’s very easy and convenient when you are going there and it doesn’t take time. Some tenants who occupy the Centre are the Meat n’ Chill and likewise The Tea Party- you can enjoy a meal and relax with your family over a cup of coffee or tea.

This is a big place where you can dine, go for leisure and do a lot of outdoor activities with family. Its located in the lush forest of the Bukit Timah. It’s a great choice to shop and they have a lot of car park spaces. In the Grandstand, you can see different kinds of retail, food, and beverages and childcare centers.

Bukit Timah Collection Sixth Avenue MRT Station

Bukit Timah Collection Condo is located strategically around a lot of shopping centers in the area. Such as the Sixth Avenue Centre that is popular, the Balmoral Plaza, the Sime Darby Centre and likewise The Grandstand Centre. The collection would also be accessible to the Sixth Avenue MRT Station which is on the Downtown Line.
The collection is also very close to the elite schools like National Junior College, Hwa Chong Institution and Raffles’s Girls’ Primary School.

The Clematis Condo Former Park West Enbloc SingHaiYi

The Singaporean government has taken some serious steps to fix their residential shortage problem. For this, They are selling some big land areas to the private real estate companies and even funding them to fix this issue. SingHAiYi Group The Clematis is one of the leading real estate company in this scenario. They have taken �The Clematis’ Project under this circumstances in former Park West.

Clementi is situated on the West region of Singapore and beside the largest business district and mega town, Bukit Timah. So this location has quite a good opportunity than any other residential town and the clematis project is made on the center of Clementi.

The Clematis Condo Former Park West Enbloc SingHaiYi

1)COMFORT: The Clematis Condo has taken place over 633644 square feet land area. So the condo or apartment you will get will fulfill all your demands. They have used the most famous architectures to give it an uncommon and magnificent look. They even have furnishing included in it. You will get best quality wardrobe, air condition system or kitchen cabinets. You can also choose the tiles or color of your apartment. They give the investor this kind of home decoration independence as well.

2)SECURITY: The whole area is kept under 24/7 surveillance and they have guards who are changed every 4 hours after. So negligence in the world isn’t an option there. they even surrounded the area with the high iron fence. If some stranger has to enter, he has to sign on the registry.

Schools Near to The Clematis Location

3)FACILITIES: When moving to a new location near to Clematis Condo Former Park West, the first concern is our children education. But as it is situated in the center of Clementi, some elegant education institutes like Clementi primary school, Clementi secondary school are situated near it. The National University of Singapore’s law campus is only 8 km away from here. So you need to worry about your children education at all.

Within 5 km radius, you will see some big and famous hospitals like Raffles medical, Canterbury family Clinic and surgery center etc. so in case you have some emergency, you will be able to get admitted into the hospital within only 5 minutes.

The Clementi Mall Close to The Clematis Condo

In holiday if you want to spend some quality time with your family and friends, you will be able to go to Regent Park for a picnic, Ryder golf for playing and they have a large swimming pool in their area as well. so you won’t have to pass your holiday in boredom. Even one of the biggest and famous shopping mall in Singapore, The Clementi Mall Is situated only two blocks away.

So you will be getting all the facilities you can dream of in one single place. you don’t even need to worry about your security. as it situated beside Bukit Timah, you can open a new business there as well. you will also be able to live close to nature as it’is situated in former Park West.

Location and Offices of Farrer Park Hospital at Farrer Park MRT Station

Human health and wellness are paramount issues in the society today. According to the United Nations Charter, access to basic health care is a universal human right that all people should be allowed to enjoy. Guided by these principles, Farrer Park hospital is determined to offer superior quality health care and support to everyone in Singapore and the world. Farrer Park Hospital is a private Hospital in Singapore that offers a range of clinical services to patients from within the country and outside the border. Visit Farrer Park Hospital today for quality clinical services such as cardiology, gynecology, neurology, and urology among others at pocket-friendly fees. Farrer Park Hospital is also near to many private condo developments such as Uptown @ Farrer at Perumal Road by Low Keng Huat Singpapore Limited.

Location and Offices of Farrer Park Hospital at Farrer Park MRT Station

Farrer Park Hospital and Medical Center is located in Farrer Park Station Road, Singapore. Besides, there are also international offices in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Jarkata, Indonesia. In all these locations, Farrer Park Hospital offers a range of quality health care services guided by superior ethical standards and unwavering sense of humanity. The hospital provides seamless care and an array of comprehensive services in the two international offices mentioned above. The services include Visa arrangements, scheduling of medical appointments, cost inquiries, airport pick-ups and transfers, accommodation arrangements, repatriation and evacuation, and advisory services.

Medical Services of Farrer Park Hospital

Farrer Park Hospital offers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient clinical services to everyone who needs them. Examples of the seamless medical services include anesthesiology, medical oncology, hand surgery, general surgery, gynecology, cancer screening and treatment, urology, and endocrinology among others. Visit Farrer Park for specialized care and cancer screening. Today, cancer is one of the deadliest conditions under the sun. Many people bury their children, friends, relatives, and close family members annually because of cancer. At Farrer Park Hospital, patients get cancer screening and treatments at friendly fees. Other specialty services offered by Farrer Park Hospital include psychiatry, vascular surgery, cardiology ophthalmology, colorectal surgery, and radiation oncology among many others. Certainly, a visit to Farrer Park Hospital will guarantee access to better health services and facilities.

Facilities at Farrer Park Hospital Singapore

In addition, the hospital offers ambulance services, financial counseling, nursing programs, and CME programs. Therefore, with these facilities and services, Farrer Park Hospital guarantees the best healthcare services at reasonable charges to allow every access to medical services.

Jade Scape Shunfu Ville Enbloc Singapore

Singapore is considered as among the world’s most vibrant city-states. Always there is something interesting happening. Also its among the friendliest and cleanest plus most diverse areas you may ever hope to visit or live in. And the food is just amazing! When you need to get yourself involved in this vibrant premier metropolis, you definitely are going to require some place to reside. This is the reason why most probably you’re going to be interested in the Jade Scape Condo. This is some new and amazing condo development found at the heart of the great city.

Qingjian Realty, Shunfu Ville En Bloc

Found only just some two-minute walk from the Marymount MRT station, together with regular bus services you will find just within a touching distance, you are going to embrace the entire town within your fingertips. Most importantly, you are going to be within easy distance of 4 schools and quality shopping alternatives found in Orchid district plus the CBD. Furthermore, there are lots of mall alternatives to choose from that include the renowned Junction 8 Shopping Mall. You may also rest and relax at JadeScape Shunfu Ville. There’s an extensive network of roads servicing this region while others are in the pipeline. Therefore, a home here particularly is going to be enviable.

Jade Scape Condos

This is found in the much-sought after and prime Shunfu Ville location of this city. It was obtained in the month of May 2016 by the Qingjian Realty. Such is the nature of prestige of its location that it cost this company some tidy amount of money to acquire the property. They are consequently not intending this investment go to waste. Note that over one thousand units are programmed, each spreading 1000 square footage as far as space is concerned.
One, two, and three-bedroom units also are going to become available together with the usual amenities to help your family enjoy a fantastic stay here. There’s going to be round-the-clock security services and lots of parking alternatives.
This is a location that prides itself as being family-friendly. In this regard, the developer just wishes to continue with this tradition through offering kids’ play parks in the site. Therefore, you will not have to travel far to have your kids entertained.

The New Development Jadescape

Bishan is the location of the country you are going to proudly have your new property. It’s famous for its attractiveness and leafy environment. Jades Scape En Bloc is found close to the town of Ang Mo Kio. When you are not interested in a jog or a walk round the trails here, then you may take advantage of its onsite gym facilities plus 50 meters, full-size swimming pool that is going to be constructed. Furthermore, outdoor workout equipment will also be there and you are going to have little excuses of not exercising. Tennis courts will ensure your family and you together spend robust and healthy times. Also its permanent BBQ facilities are going to ensure you enjoy those amazing summer treats.
Jade Scape condos promises to be unique living that you look for in the modern day. It will cater for all family requirements in ideal conditions. So there is little reason not to save. You will have to hurry when you need to have one here!

Jui Residences 1177 Serangoon Road Freehold Condo

Jui Residences is a unique property located in the serene environments in the mid-heart of Potong Pasir town. The residential condo has approx. 117 units with a gross floor area of 88,775sqft. It is offered on a freehold tenure hence allowing you to own it indefinitely. Jui Residence Serangoon is strategically located near MRT Station. The view of the Kallang River is completely open and breathtaking. The condo is highly connected with good road networks. It is found at the corner of Moonstone Road. And access to major roads is easy and flawless.

Jui Residences 1177 Serangoon Road Freehold Condo

This property has state of the art facilities. There a clubhouse to entertain your guests, a 50 meters swimming pool, a BBQ pit, a guard house, and a tennis court. You will also not worry about the children playground as it is available and very spacious. The apartments have been customized to meet various needs. There are 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments available. Owning this apartment will allow you to enjoy both indoor and outdoor facilities.

The location of Jui Residences is strategic. There are many social amenities located near it. And it is a residence ideal for the family. Common amenities around Jui Residences include; I. Transport networks Jui Residence Serangoon is located to a rich road network. There is access to the Central Expressway (CTE) and the Pan Island Expressway (PIE). So if you are car owner you are covered. Also, there is easy access to Changi Airport the Airport. II. High-end Shopping malls There are a number of shopping centers and outdoor eateries around Jui Residences Freehold Condo. You can catch up with friends freely for a weekend shopping and outdoor eating.

Jui Residences Freehold City Fringe Condo

Some of the famous shopping malls around the residence include
· The Venue Shoppes
· The Poiz Centre
III. Excellent Schools
If you have schooling children you are covered. There are a number top colleges, primary schools, and secondary schools close to Jui Residences. This will allow easy commuting for your kids to school. They include;
· St. Andrew’s College and Junior School
· Cedar Girls Primary and Secondary School
· Stamford American International School
The Developer behind Jui Residences

There was a number of competitive bids floated for the land. However, the Malay Developer, Selangor Dredging Berhad (SBD) won the bid. They incurred $47 million for the land and paid the government an additional $21.6 Million to change land zone from industrial to residential. The property was formerly owned by National Aerated Water Company. They used to manufacture Sinalco and Kickapoo soft drinks. However, they ceased operating in 1990. But the developer will still keep their building.

Jui Residences

There are more developments done by the government and the private developers around Jui Residences 1177 Serangoon Road. The Bidadari region is greatly being developed. Also, the Terrace EC project in Pungol is fully bought and plans are underway to develop it. Therefore Jui Residences will be located strategically in a booming economy. And the future is bright for the social amenities. So if you make earlier arrangements to own an apartment at Jui Residences you will be better placed.