Seaside Residences Next to Siglap MRT Station

Organize a memorable vacation with Seaside Residences. It’s time to leave! It’s time to relax and have fun and help you with this Seaside Residences offering all comers rest on the warm south coast, and first-class service, shopping and night club parties. In Siglap Seaside Residences Siglap MRT Station is all for rest and recovery. Beautiful sunsets, beautiful ocean charinyy park, the rustle of palm trees and flocks of feathered residents of the tropical coast. White sand beaches and clear blue expanse of the sea will leave pleasant memories! Near Seaside Residences are playgrounds and parks for a wonderful family holiday, located near the coastline.

Seaside Residences Siglap Link Condo

You can go with your family to the aquarium, zoo or a national park, watch the animals in their natural environment. You can arrange water or bus tours, parties and celebrations on the coast and many, many interesting things. Huge selection of products from top brands at significant discounts . Objectives complexes designer boutiques and supermarkets with products for all tastes – this is the dream of every professional shopaholic. Cafes and restaurants of the popular European and exotic Oriental cuisine will add a sweet flavor to the trip. For residents of Seaside Residences offer homes with beautiful views of the coast, golfing and fishing in the open ocean. Invariably popular, friendly and beautiful city on the beach will make your holiday truly unforgettable!

Seaside Residence Frasers Centrepoint Homes

The constant whirl of work and accompany the person at home everywhere. Often they provoke the so called chronic fatigue syndrome. Leisure at sea can be a reliable barrier to such developments. Rather week stay on the coast just to improve mood and standard permit in 21 days and quite capable of doing miracles: holiday-maker returned home prevailed, in a good mood, full of strength and energy. And this contributed not only swimming, but simply walking on the water near the shore. They activate the reflex points on the feet (because the bottom is sand and pebbles), not to mention the training leg muscles, buttocks and even the press.

Siglap MRT Condo Parkway Parade

For a good and relaxing holiday should correctly and properly plan and find a suitable for a resort. Seaside Residences It will help you organize a wonderful holiday. In summer more tourists wish to go to sea. In the warmer months, it is a good thing to get out of everyday worries and bustle, to wake up and recharge with positive emotions. Relax at sea – is to hold its output, so that would be fun and comfortable to go outdoors and watch the beautiful scenery. Leaving the sea, is to keep negative emotions, vanity and bad moods within the city. Sometimes it is difficult to say goodbye with the long routine and enjoy life. But you is doubtless succeed.

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VVIP Registration of Artra Condo Redhill MRT Station

The Artra condo is a project developed by Tang Skyline. This is a perfect resident for people who need a touch of unique stylish homes and an exclusive serene living environment. It is a 99-year leasehold development that offers a city fringe modern life. The area of land for development is approximately 442,967 sqft while the site area is 90,362 sqft. The development will have 400 units and 3 blocks. The Artra condo will have 30 storeys and 561 residential units. More details about the development are expected to be released which includes the prices.

VVIP Registration of Artra Condo at Redhill MRT Station

The Artra Redhill MRT condo is strategically located in an area highly sought by investors. In fact, it has lots of amenities for the residents. The many amenities will allow owners to relax their minds after the day’s work. It is very close to Red hill MRT station and mature town Redhill. It is a place where you can comfortably reside with your family. The shopping centers near MRT station include; central plaza, Tiong Bahru plaza, Ikea Alexandra, great world city, valley point shopping centre and Anchorpoint. This makes it a perfect shopping area over the weekend. Further, there are several schools near the development hence kids don’t need to travel looking for schools. They include; Gan Eng Seng primary and secondary school, crescent Girls’ school, Queenstown primary, Queenstown secondary school and Henderson secondary school. All these schools offer quality education which is evident in their latest performances.

VVIP Registration Artra Alexandra View

The Alexandra view Artra condo site is planned such that it will accommodate a Jacuzzi, children’s playground, BBQ pits and a swimming pool. Further, there will be a function room where once can conduct business functions and family meetings. Buyers who are looking for a unique development can choose from a range of options. They can either choose Condos that are facing the Bahru MRT road or those facing Alexandra road. In addition, they can be able to choose the perfect condo based on their family size. It is perfectly designed to allow owners spend time with their loved ones.

Artra Tang Group Tang Skyline Private Limited

The floor plans are different hence the buyers will choose the plan that fits their family. There are different bedroom units. However, the floor plans are subject to change by the developer. There are two types of facing which include; Tiong Bahru road facing and the Alexandra road facing. All units above 6th floor will have unblocked view. Interested buyers can request a copy of the floor plan.

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