Nicholas Mak Parc Botannia Mass Market Condo

Parc Botannia is the best place of luxury, fitted with all amazing facilities. It is highly equipped with swimming facilities such as swimming pools, complete gym house with all amenities in it, tennis court also available, BBQ area and awesome kids playground available. Parc Botannia is situated on a very beautiful background with an admirable landscape, great appearance of the forest which is just next to Fernvale Crescent. You will also find units with an unblocking pool view because of the alignment of the units. So as to regulate direct west sun around the living room and the bedroom, these units are highly positioned so as to minimize direct sun.

Parc Botannia Nicholas Mak SLP International Consultants

There are many buyers who are looking around for mass-market condominiums and public and are is one of the 1st development is that they are looking at. The reason is because the developer has priced the condominium correctly for most first-time buyers were restricted by the loan to value ratio of maximum 80%. Some buyers are known that most of the units in public and are not of the thing and therefore are encouraged by the fact that most of the units are facing are facing the greenery is and have ample view of the Sengkang area. The views will be unblocked. Nicholas Mak note that the selling price for Parc Botannia mass market condo will be highly affordable to the low price which the developer has been for the land. The developer for Parc Botannis is Wee Hur Development and Sing Development.It is estimated that there is fierce competition for the plot of land for public and as it is located right next to Thanggam LRT Station.

Nicholas Mak Fernvale Road Tender

Parc Botannia is a wonderful place, full of comfort, come and witness the luxurious life at Fernvale area. You together with your family are so much welcome. The development is near to Sengkang primary school, Pei Hwa secondary school, Nan Chiau Primary and high school. The closest neighbour shopping mall around Parc Botannia includes The Seletar Mall, Rivervale Mall, and Compass point. MRT includes Thanggam LRT station and Sengkang MRT. Other near places around Parc Botannia includes Sengkang General Hospital and Fernvale point. Fun points such as a recreation center and Sengkang sports are also within the locality of Parc Botannia. Nicholas Mak is the executive director of SLP International property consultants. Parc Botannia is a mass-market condominium.

Parc Botannia Condo

Parc Botannia is anticipated to be highly sought after as it is located around the Sengkang and Fernvale area. Around the Sengkang Fernvale area. There are many eateries and food and beverage locations which are near to Parc Botannia. Among that, places such as Jalan Kayu Eateries offer residents a spot for them, together with the friends and families after work. Nicholas Mak also noted that the price which the developers has bid for is very close which indicate that developers are upbeat about the local property market.

The bids received reflect the buyers are confident for mass-market condos with good amenities and public transport available for the residents. Public transport options such as Thanggam LRT Station, as well as Sengkang MRT station is located around the neighbourhood of Parc Botannia. Sengkang MRT station is just one stop away from Punggol MRT station where you can reach the blog over the front was some sports and leisure activities. 1st was a major activities. There is also Sengkang sports and recreation centre, which provide indoor swimming pool, as well as as an food and beverage outlets such as Pastamania and McDonald’s, which is located a short walk away from Parc Botannia.

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