The Clematis Condo Former Park West Enbloc SingHaiYi

The Singaporean government has taken some serious steps to fix their residential shortage problem. For this, They are selling some big land areas to the private real estate companies and even funding them to fix this issue. SingHAiYi Group The Clematis is one of the leading real estate company in this scenario. They have taken �The Clematis’ Project under this circumstances in former Park West.

Clementi is situated on the West region of Singapore and beside the largest business district and mega town, Bukit Timah. So this location has quite a good opportunity than any other residential town and the clematis project is made on the center of Clementi.

The Clematis Condo Former Park West Enbloc SingHaiYi

1)COMFORT: The Clematis Condo has taken place over 633644 square feet land area. So the condo or apartment you will get will fulfill all your demands. They have used the most famous architectures to give it an uncommon and magnificent look. They even have furnishing included in it. You will get best quality wardrobe, air condition system or kitchen cabinets. You can also choose the tiles or color of your apartment. They give the investor this kind of home decoration independence as well.

2)SECURITY: The whole area is kept under 24/7 surveillance and they have guards who are changed every 4 hours after. So negligence in the world isn’t an option there. they even surrounded the area with the high iron fence. If some stranger has to enter, he has to sign on the registry.

Schools Near to The Clematis Location

3)FACILITIES: When moving to a new location near to Clematis Condo Former Park West, the first concern is our children education. But as it is situated in the center of Clementi, some elegant education institutes like Clementi primary school, Clementi secondary school are situated near it. The National University of Singapore’s law campus is only 8 km away from here. So you need to worry about your children education at all.

Within 5 km radius, you will see some big and famous hospitals like Raffles medical, Canterbury family Clinic and surgery center etc. so in case you have some emergency, you will be able to get admitted into the hospital within only 5 minutes.

The Clementi Mall Close to The Clematis Condo

In holiday if you want to spend some quality time with your family and friends, you will be able to go to Regent Park for a picnic, Ryder golf for playing and they have a large swimming pool in their area as well. so you won’t have to pass your holiday in boredom. Even one of the biggest and famous shopping mall in Singapore, The Clementi Mall Is situated only two blocks away.

So you will be getting all the facilities you can dream of in one single place. you don’t even need to worry about your security. as it situated beside Bukit Timah, you can open a new business there as well. you will also be able to live close to nature as it’is situated in former Park West.

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